Our Approach

Our Process

CPI uses its research, medical and pharmaceutical expertise to:

  • Invest in first-rate science that will discover new strategies for preventing cancer
  • Be a matchmaker or facilitator to ensure that good ideas can find sufficient funding to turn them into therapeutic solutions like drugs or vaccines to prevent cancer
  • CPI intends to be a useful teammate in the research and development process. We not only provide financial support but also guidance and expertise throughout the research and development process to help researchers use the resources (donations) for the highest impact possible

CPI and Venture Philanthropy

At CPI, we are honored to work with and be supported by passionate and purposeful philanthropists. These are similar to venture philanthropists who are individuals and groups that have decided to make investments into a mission with the intention of generating positive practical impact.

CPI’s primary practical goal is to develop strategies to prevent cancer. Our similarity to venture philanthropy lies in our intention to translate discovery research into cancer prevention treatments (e.g. drugs, vaccines). We seek investors who, aside from loving the cause, have hopes that there is a practical re-investment return to continue our mission.

How We Find Researchers

Every year, CPI seeks new research proposals with the goal of funding research that will advance scientific knowledge toward the prevention of inherited cancers. CPI acknowledges that there are no workable answers yet, but we hope that our process, which integrates collaboration with experts in multiple fields with a clear goal to accelerate cancer prevention research, will yield answers. In addition to Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”), our Scientific Advisory Board and staff scientists are connecting with the research community to find new and interesting cancer prevention ideas that need financial support.

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CPI is a 501(c)(3) organization 47-3425850 



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